Definition of governance
for the First Nations in Québec

“The traditions (norms, values, culture, language) and institutions (formal structures, organizations, practices) that a community or nation uses to make decisions and accomplish its goals. At the heart of the concept of government is the creation of effective, accountable and legitimate systems and processes where citizens can articulate their interests, exercise their rights and responsibilities and reconcile their differences.”

Adapted from a definition from the
 National Centre for First Nations Governance


"Governance is a gift and we have the opportunity to accept it."

"We are looking for a better […] a brighter future."

"Let's focus on the positive, on how we can deal with the challenges rather than say that the challenges are too big."

"We have to become co-creators of that system, we have to create our own system that will work in today’s realities because what works for our people doesn’t exist […]."

"The status quo is safe but all of us are here to try to create change in our community."

"It’s a long road that we are travelling together, stay on the journey with all of us."

"We have to be able to tell government this is our vision in terms of where we want to go."

"We have to work collectively with one another, we have to support one another."

Note : These testimonials were made during the regional meeting held in Quebec City on January 27 to 28, 2015.  




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