Information management systems

Information management systems such as I-CLSC, PING, SI-PMI and RSIPA are tools serving to improve the services offered by community health and social services organizations:

  • Multi-disciplinary communication.
  • Organizational decision-making.
  • Support to service users.
  • Sharing of relevant information.
  • Confidentiality of information recorded in the systems.

To foster the development of these systems in the communities, three factors are essential:

  • An elaborate analysis of the best technological structures.
  • Planning of the deployment of these information management systems, which includes providing continuous support to managers and users:
  • Clinical and technical support.
  • Support for the interpretation of the normative framework.
  • Support for the production or use of different reports.
  • Proactive and dynamic establishment of partnerships and public and private collaborations.
The FNQLHSSC has the mandate to support the communities in the selection, adaptation, deployment and use of these systems.