• First Nations Wellness Day and Suicide Prevention Week
Date du début: 01-02-2019 à 09-02-2019

February 1, 2019
First Nations Wellness Day

Each year, on February 1, the FNQLHSSC promotes the First Nations Wellness Day to foster awareness on individual and collective wellness among First Nations. In 2011, the chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) adopted a resolution establishing this day, following a major Summit on Addictions.

In honour of the 2019 theme My Wellness, it’s up to me and I inspire myself!, the FNQLHSSC is developed a fun tool to encourage people to reflect on their wellness. It is a deck made up of 60 inspirational cards to use on a daily basis that comes with a poster promoting the First Nations Wellness Day. The cards contain messages that encourage people to be positive, that foster self-esteem and raise awareness on individual wellness.


 Communities and organizations interested in obtaining additional copies can send a request by email at


February 3 to 9, 2019
29th Suicide Prevention Week

Based on the theme “Talking about suicide saves lives”, the 29th Suicide Prevention Week will be taking place across Quebec from February 3 to 9, 2019.

 This year, the FNQLHSSC designed a tool which focuses on the basis of suicide prevention and wellness: the promotion of human life. My positive journal is a creative diary to encourage reflection, self-discovery and positive action. The goal of this tool is to empower those using it to get to know themselves better through positive and inspirational activities and can be used throughout the year. The tool and its content are based on the Medicine Wheel, which means that they address the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person’s development, in a holistic perspective. Communities and organizations interested in obtaining additional copies can send a request by email at



Last year, the FNQLHSSC produced the video “On est là pour toi / We are here for you” featuring members from different First Nations and Inuit communities in Quebec. This video aims to demonstrate that we all have a role to play in suicide prevention. Click here to watch the video.

From February 3-9, 2019, as well as throughout the year, the FNQLHSSC encourages you to get actively involved in the cause by raising awareness among your community, family and colleagues. Talking about suicide saves lives. Let's open the dialogue and show people around us that we are here for them.

Need help for yourself or someone you are concerned about?

  • Call 1-866-APPELLE (1-866-277-3553), or use the First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line (1-855-242-3310)
  • Visit the website How to talk about suicide where you will find advice on how to talk about suicide with someone close to you.

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