• Early Childhood Week
Date du début: 18-11-2018 à 24-11-2018

What is Early Childhood Week?

Early Childhood Week (ECW) aims to mobilize the public around early childhood issues to make them a priority. This annual event is an opportunity to gather around children, particularly kids ages 0–5 years, and take concrete action to bring about positive impacts in their lives and futures.

The Fondation Lucie and André Chagnon spearheaded this project, which was launched in 2016. Today, over 20 partners working with children and families get involved in ECW. The FNQLHSSC has been a partner from the beginning.

The third edition of ECW will be held across Quebec from November 18–24, 2018.

For more information:

Website: www.grandesemaine.com
Facebook: Tous pour les tout-petits
Twitter: @GrandeSemaineQC

Early Childhood Week and First Nations

For the First Nations, ECW provides an opportunity to rally key stakeholders (political leaders, workers, employers, families, etc.) since each of these groups has a part to play in children's lives. First Nations children deserve our attention. Our job is to make a difference in their lives by taking concrete action aimed at improving their well-being and allowing them to flourish. Ghislain Picard, Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador, has proudly accepted to be the First Nations’ ambassador for this third edition.

ECW is also an opportunity to promote the Declaration of the Rights of First Nations Children (DRFNC), which was adopted by the Chiefs of the AFNQL in 2015. The DRFNC contains 16 articles that define the inherent rights of First Nations children to their identity, to their culture, to the support, guidance, health care, education and safety they need to ensure their full physical and emotional development. The DRFNC can also be found on the FNQLHSSC website: FNQLHSSC.com. 

Again this year, the FNQLHSSC strongly encourages First Nations communities and organizations to organize activities and take concrete action throughout this week-long event dedicated to children aged 0–5. Feel free to draw inspiration from the DRFNC and to promote it during your activities!

Material developed for First Nations

Information Document
Activities Booklet

This year, the FNQLHSSC developed a tool designed to help you organize your ECW activities. Each community will therefore receive a copy of the Hand in Hand for First Nations Toddlers activity booklet.

This tool contains many inexpensive ideas, tips and suggestions for people who wish to organize original and meaningful activities with children, parents, families or all community members. Its various themed activities are inspired from the initiatives and activities that First Nations communities in Quebec have organized during past ECWs.

This activity booklet was designed to inspire and support the organization of local activities during ECW, but also throughout the year. In addition to promoting early childhood, the realization of one or more of the proposed activities raises awareness among the various local actors about the role they play in the lives of children and what they can do to promote their wellness and their growth.

Report of the Young First Nations and Inuit children survey

Conducted in October, 2018,  by the Leger firm and commissioned by the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) in collaboration with the Observatoire des tout-petits, the survey made it possible to measure the perceptions of Quebecers on many topics related to young First Nations and Inuit children in Quebec.