• Growing Together : Understanding the Emotional Development of Children Ages 4-8
Date du début: 04-02-2021 à 26-05-2021

FNEC and CSSSPNQL invite parents, teachers, special educators, and other community members who work closely with First Nations children to attend the online training sessions: Growing Together : Understanding the Emotional Development of Children Ages 4-8.

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This innovative and unprecedented training programme was created to meet First Nations’ needs.

This programme offers you the opportunity to become aware of your everyday actions that have an impact on child development in a context of caring. We have designed a training programme which is divided into 12 virtual sessions which are independent of each other but together form a whole. We offer a format that respects everyone’s learning pace. The sessions will be recorded and posted on the FNEC’s YouTube channel.

We will look at difficult situations such as: tantrums, anxiety, refusal to follow directions, but most of all, we will help you to understand why these behaviors arise. In addition, we will share with you the ways of responding to these behaviours that will allow you to intervene while respecting the child's developmental needs.

  • Each training session will last 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • The week following the training session, a Sharing Session will be offered via Zoom with the trainers and guests from the communities, including an elder, to deepen certain concepts, to discuss your observations and suggest practices in line with the theory. These sessions will be meaningful and will help develop links between participants allowing them to become a sharing community.

The sessions will be given by Ms. Eva de Gosztonyi, psychologist; Valérie Fortin, Special Education Consultant, and Sarah Cleary, Student Success Consultant for Language and Culture.

For more information, do not hesitate to communicate with Valérie Fortin, vfortin@cepn-fnec.com