There are two key areas in terms of human resources in which the FNQLHSSC may support you. These include promotion of health careers and capacity-building of existing resources.

Role of the FNQLHSSC

The FNQLHSSC provides information and support relating to the Health Careers program, including scholarships, summer employment, as well as career days.

As well, the FNQLHSSC may provide you with support in organizing events to promote health careers as well as careers in social services, either by attending the event, or guiding you through the steps involved in organizing the event. We are also involved in promoting the summer employment program and provide assistance in completing application forms (communities, organizations, and students). And finally, we promote a role-models directory, which is published by the FNQLHSSC.

Through the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative (AHHRI), we may assist you in writing up project proposals under the AHHRI, as well as presenting the proposal to the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) – Quebec Region. In addition, we work with various partners to propose and develop strategies and activities which could ultimately be implemented under the AHHR Initiative. It is important to point out that as a regional organization, we might be assigned to coordinate activities which are approved through this initiative. 

We may provide you with support when you wish to use the human resources tool as well as the training program directory.

Promotion of Health and Social Services Careers

The First Nations and Inuit Health Careers Program was specifically designed to encourage and support the participation of First Nations and Inuit in a training program which would lead to a professional career in the health field.  

The following chart provides a summary of resources that may be accessed by First Nations and Inuit through the “Health Careers” program:



Date for Applications


Aboriginal Science Fair

Promote sciences to Aboriginal youth by taking part in a provincial science fair. Two winning high school teams (14 years old and over) are sent to the national science fair.

Participation in schools.

For further information, please visit the Quebec Aboriginal Science and Engineering Association (QASEA)’s website.

Annual event organized by the QASEA. Eligible participants are students from grade 6 (elementary school) to secondary 5.

Role-models Directory

Acknowledge the efforts of individuals for their exceptional achievements in the fields of health or social services, or related fields.  

Browse through the role-models directory.

The directory includes over 50 role models from 25 First Nations communities across the province of Quebec.

Summer Employment


Provide an opportunity to fund summer employment for students in the health and social services field.

Registration period runs from January to April of each year.

See eligibility criteria on the registration form.

Career Days


Encourage and support the participation of First Nations and Inuit in a training program which would lead to a professional career in the health and social services field.


Possibility of receiving support in organizing the event (logistics, funding, speakers, etc.). Additional promotional material is available through Health Canada.

Training Directory and Human Resources Tools

This web-based tool consists of two major components. First of all, there is the HR Tools section which includes some forty employment profiles as well as a user’s guide, a glossary, and tool models. This section also provides templates and models to assist you with capacity-building of existing resources. The models, templates, and profiles may be adapted and modified to suit your needs.

The second component is the Continued Training Directory. It allows users to search through over 350 training programs and to easily and promptly identify which training program best meets their needs. In addition, users may use specific search criteria (language, region, institution, type of training, graduation level, etc.), as well as display the results of their research, including descriptions, which helps compare their results.    


For further information on promotion of health and social services careers and capacity-building of existing resources, please contact Laurie Villeneuve, Human Resources Development Agent.