A Quebec First Nations Social Economy Regional Table in action

by User Not Found | Apr 25, 2017

Portrait of the social economy among First Nations: The data collection will be initiated this spring


This spring, the FNQLHSSC, in collaboration with the Coopérative Convergence, will be launching an extensive survey among First Nations social economy enterprises (non-profit organizations and cooperatives) and initiatives in Quebec. All the social economy players among the First Nations in Quebec are being called upon to participate to develop a portrait that makes it possible to:

  • Create an inventory of the First Nations social economy enterprises in Quebec.
  • Analyze the needs, challenges and key success factors of the First Nations social economy enterprises in Quebec.
  • Anchor the establishment of courses of action that will allow for increasing the contribution of the social economy sector in the economic and social development of First Nations.


This portrait is in line with the implementation of the Blueprint – Quebec First Nations Health and Social Services 2007-2017 as well as the action plan of the Quebec First Nations Social Economy Regional Table which is coordinated by the FNQLHSSC.


We encourage all representatives of the First Nations social economy enterprises and initiatives (in communities and urban areas) to respond to the survey questionnaire and distribute it among their networks.


First Nations social economy youth entrepreneurship pilot project: A start-up event intended for young collective entrepreneurs is planned for this fall in Montréal


In January, the FNQLHSSC team, in collaboration with several partners including the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Youth Network, began working on organizing a start-up event to enable young entrepreneurs to develop and implement a collective project. This event will take place in Montréal next November. This activity stems from the pilot project of the Chantier de l’économie sociale and is in line with the strategies to raise awareness regarding social and collective entrepreneurship among First Nations youth. A call for interest will be launched in May and June. We are looking to recruit local workers to accompany a group of young people who would like to create and carry out a local collective entrepreneurial project.



Awareness and promotion: Useful and diverse tools focused on social economy promotion and awareness


In terms of promoting the social economy, the FNQLHSSC has a tool that is specifically tailored to the context and needs of First Nations: a booklet entitled On the path of social economy, which is both educational and practical. It presents the main facets of the social economy as well as several examples of First Nations social economy enterprises. It is a practical tool for information, reference and promotion related to the social economy. If it has already been distributed in the communities, additional copies can be sent on request. You can also find it on online at:



Over the next few months, in partnership with the Chantier de l’économie sociale, we will begin the development of new promotional and awareness-raising tools. The production of a video on the social economy will be starting shortly. Also, five podcast recordings are planned for the summer. These productions will make it possible to highlight social economy initiatives both in Quebec and in the First Nations communities. All these new tools will be available this fall and they will be added to our collection of information and awareness-raising tools for the social economy.


Accompaniment and advice: The service offer provided by the FNQLHSSC’s Social Economy Adviser to the communities


The FNQLHSSC's First Nations social economy and development services focus on the following:


  • Requests or research (information, resources, programs, etc.).
  • Presentations or meetings on the social economy among community members, organizations and stakeholders (including young people and youth organizations).
  • Exploring the idea of a social economy project with those interested in a traditional field or a new activity sector.
  • Providing accompaniment and support to the promoters of a collective project or representatives of an existing cooperative or non-profit organization.
  • Collaboration on activities focused on the socioeconomic development of the First Nations communities (assistance with the organization of a forum for reflection, mobilization or planning, facilitation, networking, feasibility, project development or follow-up, seeking funding, etc.).


For more information about current projects, please contact Karine Awashish, Social Economy Advisor, at the FNQLHSSC at 418-842-1540, extension 2407, or at kawashish@cssspnql.com.