Development of the social economy among First Nations

by User Not Found | Apr 25, 2017

Socio-cultural and economic development in general, particularly focused on making improvements in the areas of quality of life, fight against poverty and social exclusion, job creation,  food security, development of services, mobilization, etc., are at the heart of the initiatives and benefits associated with the promotion and deployment of the social economy. The mandate that was entrusted to the FNQLHSSC to develop the social economy is relatively new (2013). There is a clear interest among a few players to work in this direction, but there is still a need to raise awareness among many people and rally them around the issue.

The social economy can be an effective lever for getting involved and working towards the common good, for oneself and for the community, in a spirit of harmony, solidarity, sharing and respect for autonomy.


To this end, the First Nations Social Economy Regional Table (FNSERT), which is coordinated by the FNQLHSSC, is helping to achieve the objectives of its action plan (2015-2020) for which the players of the social economy are joining forces to realize the aspirations of First Nations to ensure their social, cultural and economic development. The FNSERT has three founding members: the FNQLHSSC, the FNQLEDC and the RCAAQ. Other First Nations social economy organizations, partners and businesses will be joining this Table.