First Nations Gathering on the Social Economy

by User Not Found | Apr 25, 2017

The first ever First Nations Gathering on the Social Economy (FNGSE) took place last February 8 and 9 on the theme of INSPIRING, CONVEYING and UNDERTAKING. The FNGSE is an initiative of the First Nations Social Economy Regional Table (FNSERT). The purpose of this Table is to promote the social economy among First Nations in Quebec by promoting collaboration and partnership at the local, regional and national levels. Coordinated by the FNQLHSSC, the FNGSE was carried out in collaboration with the FNQLEDC.


In all, 190 people responded to the invitation and had the opportunity to participate in this unique and mobilizing event focused on the social economy. Indeed, it is important to increase awareness regarding the social economy. It is with this aim in mind that the FNSERT developed an event concept in which diverse facilitations that are traditional, innovative, pleasant and educational allowed for highlighting the social economy model and initiatives of First Nations. Among the distinguished guests, two special rapporteurs shared their experiences throughout the FNGSE. The purpose of this gathering was to promote the social economy as a model of socioeconomic development that is suited to the culture of First Nations while contributing to the creation of a movement for collective and social entrepreneurship.


From the outset, the organizing committee wanted people to come out of this event with an interest and motivation to develop the social economy among First Nations. At the end of the event, participants expressed their satisfaction and showed an interest in the social economy.


The event also attracted new collaborators who are already demonstrating their willingness to get involved with the partners of the FNSERT. The FNGSE has undoubtedly contributed to raising awareness regarding the social economy among First Nations. Many participants had the opportunity to observe the immense potential for socioeconomic development in this sector.


The FNGSE is a concrete example of mobilization between the socioeconomic and political players and the social economy enterprises of the communities. In addition, simultaneous broadcasting by the SOCAM made it possible to reach the communities. Thanks to this strategy, the FNGSE benefitted from good visibility.



Some testimonials from the participants


“Congratulations! Completely successful! You have created the synergy required for the development of the First Nations social economy.”


“I am honoured to have participated in this first gathering of First Nations on the social economy. Very inspiring. Now I feel like starting up a business again.”


“The idea of fostering exchanges with other communities is a very good one because I was able to talk to many people who share values of mutual support, which constitutes the foundation of the social economy.”


“It was great to have had a place as a non-Aboriginal person. The discussions were rich and diversified and strengthened my love of our territory. It is true that we have a great cultural wealth in Quebec and we do not know it well enough. Thank you!”