by User Not Found | Apr 25, 2017

On April 10, the FNQLHSSC attended a 5-7 on Aboriginal health organized by SCORA (IFMSA-Quebec Sexual Health and AIDS Committee), GISA (Groupe d’intérêt en santé autochtone) at the Université Laval and SCOPH (IFMSA-Quebec Standing Committee on Public Health) at the Université Laval.


The event, held at the Exocytose student café in the Medicine Pavilion, brought together some thirty medical students interested in First Nations health. Participating in a panel discussion were Marie-Noëlle Caron, Public Health Advisor at the FNQLHSSC, Isabelle Cornet, Nurse Educator at the FNQLHSSC, Glenda Sandy, nurse in training who has worked in the communities and is a student in the master's program in public health, and Caroline Moisan, a Ph.D. student in psychology who has conducted research among the Inuit.


They talked about their expertise in First Nations health and the specificities and culture of each community. Systemic racism and social problems were also addressed, which will certainly serve the future practice of these students. They were able to get an overview of the services and needs of Aboriginal people in 2017.


The initiative stems from the annual International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) national campaign on Aboriginal health. On May 6, the Global Health Colloquium (GHC) of the IFMSA will be held, which will focus on Aboriginal health. This Colloquium, which is open to the public, will address cultural competence, First Nations history, traditional medicine, chronic diseases, urban realities, women's health, pediatrics and practicing in the North.