• Project to replace the Electronic Service Delivery Reporting Tool (e-SDRT) by the I-CLSC information management system
Feb 19, 2018

This project provides guidance and quality support to two pilot sites on using I‑CLSC to collect significant data on their home and community care program. It also aims to foster local capacity building and thus facilitate improvements in continuous service delivery.


Using I-CLSC to enter data on interventions provides a more accurate picture of the services being offered and makes it possible to adjust the planning of the resources needed. It also simplifies the reporting process.


In late 2017, Listuguj and Pessamit were selected as the two pilot communities for I-CLSC use in order to enter data on interventions with home care clients.


As planned and in accordance with the steps for implementing an information management system, preparation work with interveners and user training began mid-January. The pilot community of Listuguj is now at the data entry stage (“start-up” period). Pessamit will be completing implementation in April.


The next steps are defining the optimal implementation model (drawing on the experience of the pilot communities) and suggesting it to other communities interested in using I‑CLSC for their home care interventions.


If you are interested in switching from your current data entry method to I‑CLSC in the coming months, please contact Kathleen Jourdain, Program Agent – Services for Persons with Decreasing Independence, so the FNQLHSSC can plan the deployment in your community with you.