• Quebec First Nations Health and Social Services Governance Process
Feb 19, 2018

 Since the regional meeting held last November, the FNQLHSSC has been working in collaboration with communities and organizations as part of the health and social services governance process.


In recent weeks, various presentations have been made, including presentations to the Coalition of English-Speaking First Nations Communities of Quebec, representatives of the treatment centres and the Assembly of First Nations in the context of the First Nations Health Transformation Summit. The purpose of these presentations was to provide information on the governance process and its progress.


During its caucus on January 24, 2018, the Health Directors Network discussed the implementation of the Decision-Making Process: Reciprocal and Joint Planning Cycle between First Nations and the current regional authorities, namely Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, which is now under the new Department of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). In order to ensure that First Nations take an active part in making decisions that concern them, it is hoped that this planning cycle will be introduced as of the next fiscal year (2018-2019) and be in effect until the implementation of a new health and social services governance model by and for First Nations. The Health Directors Network therefore agreed to establish a working group that will support the implementation of the decision-making process between the health and social services directors and ISC. At the request of the health and social services directors, the FNQLHSSC is currently recruiting representatives who are interested in sitting on this committee.


At the same time, in a perspective of improving the provision of and access to health and social services for First Nations, the FNQLHSSC will begin a tour in the coming weeks to take stock of the number of health and social services resources in the First Nations communities in Quebec. This project will take place in two phases and will allow for developing a profile of the medical and professional services that can be accessed in the communities, which will help guide work and priorities at the community and regional levels to better meet the needs of First Nations. More detailed information will be sent to the communities shortly.


In closing, you are invited to visit the web page for the governance process at cssspnql.com, the contents of which have been updated. Among other things, you will find videos on the Aboriginal governance presentation that was made by Carol Hopkins as well as the vox-pop “What does governance mean to you?”.