• Report: Second edition of Early Childhood Week
Feb 22, 2018

Increased participation of First Nations!

As mentioned in the last edition of the Rising Sun in December, Early Childhood Week took place from November 19 to 25, 2017 and was a success among the First Nations in Quebec.


Indeed, more than 60% of the First Nations communities mobilized to carry out approximately one hundred activities as part of this week. This represents an increase in participation of about 40% compared to last year.


For the second edition of Early Childhood Week, about 100 children and parents had access to a variety of parent-child, information, training, promotion, prevention, socialization and networking activities. Some of the new elements that were introduced include the increased involvement of decision-makers, the development of local promotional tools such as “Our children, our priority” bracelets, the production of banners and the increased use of social networks including an invitation to change your profile picture on social networks to a childhood picture of yourself.


The FNQLHSSC conducted three activities, including the second edition of a comic strip illustrating research data on First Nations children related to the Declaration of the Rights of First Nations Children. It also produced videos: “Children as Seen by the Elders” as well as tales such as “In Search of Summer Birds” and “Kwiwichi”.


This year, awareness was carried out among sixteen First Nations and Inuit organizations, generating more than 14,000 occurrences across all activities. The Facebook page of the FNQLHSSC greatly contributed to the sharing of activities.


Finally, the promotional kits (including an information note, comic strip and badges) reached more multiplying agents (179) among the First Nations and Inuit communities and organizations than last year, 117 of which were in French and 62 in English.


A third edition will be held in 2018, in partnership with First Nations and Inuit, and will focus more on local initiatives.


Video - Children as Seen by Elders

Comic Strip