• First Nations in Québec mobilize and create an action plan to tackle sexual assault
Mar 29, 2018
Québec, March 29th 2018 – The First Nations Forum on Sexual Assault concluded today at Hotel Plaza, in Québec City, where close to 200 delegates from First Nations across the province mobilized to define an action plan to put an end to the cycle of sexual violence within First Nations, by supporting both victims and aggressors in their healing journey.

“We are very satisfied with the results from the Forum; we are leaving with a clear action plan and this wave of mobilization must continue. We aim first and foremost for each First Nations community to commit to preventing sexual violence and put into place concrete actions to break the cycle of violence. QNW and the FNQLHSSC will join efforts to put into place a support and follow-up committee, which will report on the progress following the Forum. We also commit to communicating and sharing our best community practices. Sensitization is part of our responsibilities, and we intend on continuing to find solutions to break the silence and taboos that surround sexual violence in our communities,” declared Viviane Michel, President of QNW.

“Our mandate is to listen to voices from our members and accompany First Nations communities and organizations to develop their local action plan. We will mobilize governmental partners and external organizations so that the teams working in First Nations communities can benefit from their expertise. We will take on these responsibilities with determination, including the completion of a needs assessment regarding support and current practices,” added Marjolaine Siouï, Executive Director of the First Nations of Québec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission.

“Committing to fighting sexual violence and all forms of violence is a shared concern. It is our collective responsibility to mobilize to ensure the safety and healthy development of our children, our families and our communities. Mobilization must also translate into a political commitment to implement the action plan in respect of the practices and local initiatives of our communities,” states Ghislain Picard, Chief of the Assembly of First Nations Québec-Labrador (AFNQL).

The Forum was organized by Québec Native Women (QNW) and the First Nations of Québec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC).


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The FNQLHSSC is a non-for-profit organization that supports the efforts of First Nations in Québec and Labrador to plan and deliver health and social services programs that are culturally adapted and preventative.

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