• Elders and youth in the spotlight, from May 20 to 26, 2018!
Apr 20, 2018

The First Nations communities of Nutashkuan, Ekuanitshit and Kahnawake are mobilizing for the first Semaine québécoise de la solidarité intergénérationnelle (intergenerational solidarity week). They are pairing up the communities’ elders and youth to honour intergenerational sharing during two days of projects, which will bring the generations closer together. This initiative highlights the full value of elders’ knowledge!


 In 2012, the National Assembly of Québec officially declared May 25 the Journée québécoise l’amitié n’a pas d’âge (friendship has no age day). This day aims to highlight the commitment of professionals and volunteers to bringing generations together. This is why the Semaine québécoise intergénérationnelle is held during the third week of May.

(Taken from the Intergénérations Québec website; unofficial translation)