• Quebec First Nations Health and Social Services Governance Process
Apr 23, 2018

During the regional meeting in November 2017, a crucial step of the governance process was taken with the validation of the health and social services governance model. This step marked the transition between the second and third phases of the governance process, which seeks to finalize this new model.


To plan this major phase of the process, the FNQLHSSC is currently drawing up an overview of everything that has been carried out since the start of the process. The health and social service directors will soon be called to participate via an electronic survey that will give them the opportunity to share their opinions on the governance process and their expectations for the steps to come.


For several months now, the Health Directors Network (HDN) has been discussing the implementation of a Decision-making process: reciprocal and joint planning cycle between First Nations and current regional authorities, such as the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch of Health Canada and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, which are now grouped under Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). To ensure First Nations’ active part in decision-making that affects them, ISC suggested in January 2018 that a working group be set up to support implementation of the decision-making process between health and social services directors and ISC. This ad hoc committee should be ready to start its mandate in June 2018.


In recent weeks, the FNQLHSSC sent the communities information about the tour that seeks to survey the health and social services human resources in the First Nations communities in Quebec. By drawing a portrait of the available resources in medical services and professionals in or nearby the communities, this project will help orient the work and priorities on community and regional levels to better meet First Nations needs. Nine communities have already shown their interest in taking part in this process. Communities are encouraged to display their interest by emailing Jean Levasseur-Moreau.


The members of the FNQLHSSC team are available to give presentations on the governance process in organizations and communities. Those wishing to receive more information on this matter are encouraged to contact Patrice K. Lacasse at 418-842-1540, ext. 2103 or to visit www.cssspnql.com.