• New employees
Oct 03, 2018

Since August, Catherine Lavergne, RD, has served as Nutrition Advisor in the health team. She holds a bachelor’s in nutrition from the Université de Moncton. She worked in pediatric rehab at the IRDPQ in Québec City and at the Centre de Réadaptation Interval in Trois-Rivières. In January 2018, she started a master’s in health service administration at the Université Laval.


Lénaig Le Corre joined the communications team in September 2018 as a Documentation Technician. She holds a bachelor’s in information management from the Université de Moncton, and a master’s in information sciences from the Université de Montréal.


Marc-André Bonneau joined the research sector as Technical Research Assistant in July 2018. He holds a master’s in community health from the Université Laval and has contributed to various research projects on social involvement and anti-poverty efforts. His work will support the update of the population surveys and the training of interviewers in the communities.


Innu from the community of Essipit, Marie-Êve Moreau has joined the early childhood team as Community Projects Development Agent. She holds a bachelor’s in orientation from Université Laval and a certificate in social work. Her main task will be to advise and support the communities in managing their early childhood community projects.


Raphaël Tétreault joined the social development team in September 2018. He was trained at Université Laval and holds a bachelor’s in criminology. His work experience is with the homeless who also present mental health, drug abuse and/or judicialization issues.

Samuel Cormier Farley has served as Child and Family Services Advisor in the social services team since September 2018. He holds a bachelor’s in criminology from Saint-Thomas University, in New Brunswick, with a minor in Spanish. He has experience with children under the guardianship of youth protection and, one summer, served as a parole officer. He will also sit on the First Nations Child and Family Services Regional Round Table.