• Guide for Indigenous defendants
Oct 05, 2018

A new French-language resource is available to answer your questions on the Quebec judicial system: guide d’information juridique d’Éducaloi sur les droits des personnes autochtones accusées (Éducaloi’s new legal information guide on the rights of Indigenous defendants).

Designed to answer defendants’ questions, this guide was written as questions and answers about various real-life situations that someone may come up against in the judicial process.

You might also use certain of the guide’s chapters for group activities (e.g. a breakfast seminar about one’s rights when dealing with the police).

To consult the guide online or to print a copy, go to www.educaloi.qc.ca/accuse-autochtone.

Éducaloi is a non-profit organization with the mission of informing the public in plain language about the law, one’s rights and one’s obligations.