• First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS): Phase 3
Oct 09, 2018

A wealth of information for community decision-makers


The FNQLHSSC took advantage of its last Annual General Assembly, held last July, to launch the results of Phase 3 of the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS). This survey is the result of collaborative work between the FNQLHSSC and First Nations in Quebec. More than 3,000 respondents from 21 First Nations communities participated in this Survey.


The report on the results of the 2015 RHS is structured into 21 booklets focused on four main themes regarding health and its determinants.


1 - Health and wellness 



2 - Sociodemographic and socioeconomic conditions

3 - Lifestyle habits and behaviours


4 - Physical and social environment




For the main findings of the RHS report, click here.

For more on the methodology used for this Survey, click here.

The full report of the 2015 RHS is here.


If you would like more information on the results of the RHS, the FNQLHSSC's research sector offers support adapted to your needs. Please contact Joannie Gray Roussel, Support Agent–Research and Evaluation, at 418-842-1540, extension 2509.