• The Centre Mihawoso project in Manawan must be approved - Discrimination against children’s fundamental rights must be stopped
Oct 10, 2018
The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) gives its support to the Centre Mihawoso: Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Manawan. Led by all of the Manawan community with help from the Fondation du Dr Julien, this project is essential for the community’s children and families, as it will eliminate inequality in medical and social services access and therefore recognize children’s fundamental rights.

“The Government of Quebec’s negative response and the slow process to which the community of Manawan was subjected is discriminatory toward First Nations children and youth,” explained Mr. Ghislain Picard, Chief of the AFNQL, who also sent a letter of support to the chief of Manawan. “In 2018, it is inadmissible that our communities’ children are treated differently that other children in Quebec,” he says. “This dossier illustrates the necessity of respecting our children’s fundamental rights. This project deserves an immediate and affirmative answer so that Indigenous children, young people and families receive equitable and quality services in an environment that is respectful of their culture, aspirations and dreams,” Chief Picard concluded.

In June 2015, the Assembly of Chiefs of the AFNQL adopted the Declaration of the Rights of First Nations Children. This basic commitment to future generations must be recognized and implemented by all governments.

About the AFNQL

The Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador is the political organization grouping the 43 chiefs of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador. Follow the AFNQL on Twitter @APNQL.