• Regional Portrait of Research Priorities for First Nations in Quebec
Dec 03, 2018

From April 3 to May 22, 2018, the FNQLHSSC conducted an online consultation with the communities, Native Friendship Centres and First Nations organizations. Its aim was to target on the regional level the activity areas, focuses and research subjects that are priorities for First Nations in Quebec.


Given that the number of scientific studies interested in the First Nations is constantly increasing and some communities and organizations are now over-solicited for their participation or collaboration, the FNQLHSSC has drawn up a regional portrait of research priorities. Among other uses, this document will inform the scientific community and attempt to orient research towards priorities for First Nations in Quebec.


The consultation showed that the major research priorities are focused on governance. Research on the impact of self-government on increasing overall well-being, for example, is a top priority.



For all the results, we invite you to access the report on the FNQLHSSC website.


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Patricia Montambault at patricia.montambault@cssspnql.com or at 418-842-1540, ext. 2508.