Playing with dolls again, finally!

by Annie Brisson-Proulx | Jun 03, 2020
Are you one of those people who dreamed of having children, among other things, to be able to start playing with dolls, Barbies, Legos or trucks again, or simply to have a good reason to watch a Disney movie? Well, I am!

It is often said that we get in touch with our inner child through our children, even if this may lead to some white hair and dark circles under the eyes! As an adult, we end up with many responsibilities that sometimes make us want to go back to being a child so that we don’t have to worry about life’s details. 

However, when we as adults understand the importance of our role with our little one, the need to find meaning in what we do on a daily basis becomes obvious. Watching, speaking to and gently touching our little treasure with affection and holding them in our arms become gestures of paramount importance to us. 

Furthermore, the childhood period must not be overlooked. This is a critical period for the overall and holistic development of the child, but also for the development of parenting skills in adults. Each in their own way, the child and the adult develop in a unique manner, in a joint fashion, while being in a relationship with each other. One needs the other to develop. Indeed, it is a team effort that begins with the first eye contact. 

The child is a naive being who is ready to explore their world without worry and fear, but who also needs a caring adult by their side to guide them. Not only can this role be played by parents, it can also be played by grandparents, uncles and aunts or any other individual with whom an attachment may have been created. However, it would be pretentious to say that finding yourself in this new role is innate and easy at all times. On the contrary, becoming a parent requires an adjustment in terms of how you are and how you do things in order to make room for the child who is now part of the family. 

As an adult who is there for the child, we find ourselves faced with significant challenges. Challenges that push us beyond our limits. We must not forget that this is a decisive role in the child’s life. The way you are and how you do things inevitably influence our little ones in their life course. It is not always easy to be a responsible adult, but one thing is certain, being an important adult in the lives of our children is the greatest achievement. 

Have confidence in your parenting skills, dare to leave your comfort zone but above all, never forget to unconditionally love your little ones!