Guaranteed Income Supplement Renewal Period Help us reach seniors

by Annie Brisson-Proulx | Dec 15, 2020
Please, find below an email sent by Employment and Social Development Canada on December 14, 2020.

Over the past few months, you have played a key role in supporting low-income seniors to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their living conditions. As you can imagine, the work is not over.

As you may be aware, this spring, Service Canada decided to extend the renewal period for Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) benefits from July to January 2021. We are now less than a month away from the January 5 deadline to avoid a suspension of the benefits for recipients.

What we have done so far

Over the last few months, eligible recipients, were contacted directly by email to advise them of the process for renewing their GIS benefits. Telephone calls were also made, as well as notices published in the media. However, a significant number of eligible recipients have not yet applied for their renewal.

Once again, we are asking for your help.

Please help us to help them by avoiding the interruption of their benefits.

Could you please contact those seniors aged 65 and over, whom are eligible for GIS and whom have not yet applied for their renewal at your earliest convenience?

The information we have suggests that these recipients may be members of, or receive services from, your organizations. More than ever, Service Canada is committed to ensuring that every effort is made to ensure that vulnerable people receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

How can you help?

- By sharing this information in your networks.

- By informing and supporting your clients now to help them with their renewal.

Steps to take

  • By January 5, 2021, claimants must complete, sign, and submit the Guaranteed Income Supplement renewal form (PSI- 3026).
  • Beginning January 5, 2021, claimants must complete and return the Guaranteed Income Supplement renewal form (PSI- 3026) and call the Old Age Security program call centre at 1-800-277-9915, so that an agent can note the claimant's 2019 earnings over the phone temporarily, pending receipt of the GIS renewal form. It is mandatory that the form be returned at a later date. The Social Insurance Number will have to be provided to the call center agent to identify the recipient.

Once completed, the forms can be mailed to Service Canada at

Service Canada

CP 1816 Branch Terminus

Quebec City, Quebec G1K 7L5

 or dropped off at your nearest Service Canada Centre

If you have any questions about the GIS or if you need assistance to complete the form, please contact the Old Age Security program at 1-800-277-9915 or visit our Old Age Security program Web page. Our agents will be able to answer your questions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Your help and support for seniors is very important to us. By working together, we are helping to ensure that seniors receive the financial support they need.