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A career at the FNQLHSSC means contributing to the health and wellness of the First Nations populations in Quebec.

Participate in meaningful projects that have a direct impact on people’s lives.

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A unique opportunity to shape a better future for First Nations communities!

Discover the professional opportunities available to you to contribute to the health and wellness of First Nations.

Join the FNQLHSSC team!

Working at the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission means choosing a stimulating and diverse environment that stands out due to its dynamic and friendly atmosphere!

Available positions :

Please note that the FNQLHSSC is a bilingual organization. To properly support the communities, all our services are offered in French and English. This is why we are looking for French-speaking, English-speaking and bilingual candidates. Any knowledge of a First Nations language is also welcome.

Looking for graphic designers and illustrators

The FNQLHSSC has a bank of graphic design and illustration suppliers. Interested persons should send their curriculum vitae and portfolio to


At the FNQLHSSC, we offer a career punctuated by mandates that offer real learning and professional development opportunities. By being part of our team, you will benefit from a hybrid work schedule and considerable benefits such as:

  • Advantageous pension fund
  • Group insurance
  • Bank of hours for illness and family obligations
  • Paid vacation during the holiday period (2 weeks) and various personal leaves
  • Flexible schedule and hybrid work mode
  • Friday afternoons off
  • Facilitated work-life balance
  • Continuing training

The opportunity to work in an environment rich in culture and history.

The FNQLHSSC, as it constantly evolves to meet the needs of its clientele, hires people in many different fields. Our different sectors are constantly working together to better meet the needs of the communities. Some positions also allow you to support First Nations communities and organizations in the field.

Spontaneous application

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    Why do an internship with us?

    Doing an internship at the FNQLHSSC is very rewarding. You will be able to make use of your academic knowledge in a welcoming and stimulating environment, in addition to benefiting from personalized support over the course of your internship. It is also a great opportunity, which is open to all students, to discover First Nations cultures and communities.

    To view other job offers in the communities or other First Nations organizations, visit the FNEC’s Job Bank.

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