Community Coordinators

Supporting First Nations community development

Collaborating in project development

We work hand in hand with community coordinators by supporting the implementation of projects intended to improve the living conditions of the First Nations. Our team supports the development of community projects, from the planning stages to the evaluation of a project’s success. We have, among other things, collaborated in the creation of a social paediatrics centre, a family centre and a library for children aged 0 to 6 years.

Through our support and advice, we contribute to project management skills development in First Nations communities. We support communities and organizations in their efforts to mobilize various collaborators, from the general population to local stakeholders, such as elected officials and managers, as well as financial partners. We can also provide assistance in selecting a mobilization and consultation structure, setting up networking activities, etc.

Our approach

As a First Nations organization that serves First Nations, we promote a comprehensive and community-based approach focused on culture, values and traditions. We work with populations by prioritizing the participation of community members in our actions while respecting and supporting the self-determination processes undertaken by First Nations. Our approach fosters individual and collective empowerment and promotes a long-term vision for positive, concrete and lasting results.

Credit photo: Marc Tremblay

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