Populations surveys and data

Collecting data to better plan for the future

Collecting information and planning

We conduct population surveys in Quebec that help fill the information gap regarding the health and social situation of the First Nations. Our role is to better define the context in which the First Nations communities evolve. Supported by the data collected, we work with local authorities in planning their actions, in the best interests of the populations.

Obtaining a more accurate portrait

Over the years, we have conducted various surveys that have made it possible to present a more accurate and complete overview of the situation of the First Nations in Quebec.


I-ZOOM Online Data Tool

I-ZOOM is an interactive tool that allows users to create charts and tables using the data warehouse of the FNQLHSSC. All data produced is aggregated at the regional level and weighted to represent First Nations communities across Quebec. There are currently 10 indicators available and more will be added periodically. It is a tool accessible to everyone, has recently been updated to clearly and effectively present indicators relating to various themes: languages, education, employment, overcrowding of housing, health and cultural practices. The data comes from the Regional Health Survey 2015 and Indigenous Services Canada’s Indian Register (2021). To learn more visit : www.i-zoom.cssspnql.com

This privileged source of information about First Nations living in Quebec communities complements the Quebec First Nations Regional Portal of Health and Wellness Indicators. 

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