Child and family services

For the wellness of First Nations youth

Supporting and raising awareness

Our child and family services mandate consists of providing support and raising awareness among the First Nations communities and organizations. We support workers in the development, implementation and monitoring of child and family services.

Our team collaborates in the work of communities and organizations through various means, such as communicating the required information and participating in discussions. For example, we can offer support, through clinical input, to decision-making in certain cases. We also offer assistance related to the funding and administration of child and family services.

Skills development

Our team contributes to the development of the skills of the workers in Quebec who work with First Nations children and families. Our role allows us to inform them and increase their awareness of the historical, socio-economic and cultural realities of the First Nations in Quebec.

We also support them in their desire to improve the synergy between their services for children, youth and families, and we can make recommendations to the authorities concerned.

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