Maternal and child health

Promoting maternal and child health

A mandate dedicated to young children and families

Children have always occupied an important place among First Nations. Seen as a gift, they are placed in the centre of the circle, surrounded by their parents, family and community. Children allow their family to grow through their discoveries and learning. True to this philosophy, perinatal care is at the heart of our mission, and we favour a holistic approach.

More concretely, we support those who work with children and young families.

Our team develops strategies that aim to provide resources and raise awareness among young First Nations families living in the communities, during pregnancy and during the child’s first years of life (0 to 6 years). In particular, we can provide them with tools, materials and resources to help them in their various activities such as home visits, the integration of the cultural dimension into the care provided and the screening and assessment of family needs.

Our contribution to early childhood

From mobilization to the development of perinatal and early childhood action plans, our team supports and collaborates with the communities in their initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of families. For example, we can support the work of doulas with future parents and provide First Nations people and various health professionals with relevant information related to pregnancy and early childhood, such as the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, the benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of passing on and reinforcing traditional ways of doing things.

Our work also allows us to contribute to the emergence of intervention practices that are focused on prevention in early childhood and promote the creation of discussion forums that facilitate knowledge transfer activities.

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