Income security and social inclusion

Supporting income security and social inclusion

Our mandate

We advise First Nations communities and organizations on the actions to be taken in terms of income security, and to develop and implement various strategies to fight poverty and social exclusion.

Income security

We support the First Nations in Quebec in applying the associated Framework Policy. We provide training for income security advisors and managers concerning the application of regulations and management of the Program. Our team collaborates in finding solutions to issues related to income security by considering the contexts and characteristics of each community.

Social inclusion

We support the communities in the development of partnerships that allow for improving the socioeconomic conditions of First Nations as well as in the creation of meaningful, qualified and sustainable jobs. Our team works with stakeholders to develop new intervention programs allowing people without a trade or training to enter the job market. Through training or individual and professional development plans, we support them in their efforts. We also work with resource persons to enable them to improve their capacity to support income security clients in developing their individualized profiles and action plans.

Occasionally, we work with First Nations communities to prevent school dropout and abandonment as well as dependence on social assistance.

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