Health professionals and practitioners

Contributing to the health of First Nations

Supporting health workers

We provide administrative and technical support for the implementation and improvement of health services. We support the work of professionals aimed at informing and raising awareness among First Nations populations about their health status as well as their living conditions, by promoting healthy habits through culture-based practices and activities. We are active in all aspects of the health sector such as nutrition, mental health and chronic diseases, just to name a few. Concretely, various forms of support can be offered according to several themes, such as:

  • Collection of data relating to first-line service interventions.
  • Application of home and community care and assisted living programs.
  • Establishment of optimal collaborative practices.
  • Creation of environments that are conducive to healthy lifestyles (e.g., tobacco control project).

Serving the needs of communities and organizations

Our team actively participates in the development of strategies aimed at the deployment of community initiatives according to the realities of First Nations. We organize annual meetings focused on diverse themes to allow the various health workers to learn and update their knowledge and share their experiences and challenges in order to determine effective solutions.

We develop culturally appropriate prevention, promotion, awareness and information tools that allow for supporting administrative, professional and clinical practice. We also offer training that is designed based on needs and according to expressed needs. This training deals with a variety of topics, such as the provision of care for a clientele with decreasing independence, the assessment of a person’s mental condition, and the detection of the most common childhood illnesses.


  • Non-Insured Health Benefits Regional Advisory Committee

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